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Global Aviation Spares Pty Ltd (GAS) is an aviation leader when it comes to brokering for our customers. We understand that each customer is different, and that each customer has his/her own particular needs. When you require spare parts or request a service, you will be able to rely on GAS completely.

Over the years GAS has built up great relationships with the OEMs. You'll receive the best possible price, on time, every time.

Our Ever Growing Success
GAS has been built on our dedicated service that started with the deHavilland CANADA Twin Otter, Fokker and Bell Helicopter and has expanded to include many spares for aircraft in this region. We continue to grow along with the newest generation of aircraft found in the market place that is ranging from the smallest regional jet to the largest commercial aircraft.

Quality Procedures
The supply of military spares to the world and especially the Asia Pacific region is another reason why GAS stands out. GAS understands that contracts with local governments demand administrative expertise. Governments expect to receive professional service and part of this process means that GAS places great emphasis on their in house Quality Procedures.

Success Built on Knowledge
Our Service has been built on our specialized dedicated knowledge of a large range of aircraft which started with deHavilland Twin Otter, Bell Helicopter and now includes sourcing for all planes in the Asia Pacific Region. We continue to grow and service the newest generation of aircraft which is coming into this part of the world.

AOG Services
Since we are providing a 24 x 7 day service it makes sense to offer AOG support. Our delivery suppliers are familiar with this airline requirement and are chosen because of their understanding and capacity to deliver as requested. If required, a hand delivery service is available.

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